Clientele include top airlines in North America

Business Problem

Pilot fatigue is one of the greatest challenges faced by airlines to ensure safe operations. Airlines did not have a system in place to address this.

  • Lack of predictive analytics of risk for a given pair of pilots at any point of time.
  • Inability of a pilot to report fatigue to the Airlines and complete a trip.
  • Proactive measurement of possible alertness levels and mitigate any future risks, in a systematic manner
  • Absence of an omnichannel solution, especially mobile first solution for pilots to report fatigue, participate in surveys and studies.

The Solutions

Accolite built a standards-based solution for the aviation industry’s fatigue management, customized to meet the needs of prominent airlines. The solution has the following features:

  • Built a smart, secure, governed, enterprise-class analytics platform with built-in immersive data wrangling that delivers visual analytics
  • Deployment can be on-premise, cloud or custom-built server stack.
  • Weight-based risk decision tree to assess pairing risk for a given situation.
  • Customized and multiple reports can be created to visualize risk patterns.
  • Inbuilt features to compare and analyze multiple solutions

Value Delivered

  • Universal applicability: Leading airlines use this solution to monitor, analyze,and report.
  • Faster fatigue reporting: Fatigue reporting is now done in a few minutes which was earlier done in a few hours.
  • Single application alleviates pilots' pain point of using multiple web-based applications for reporting fatigue, submitting reports, taking surveys, and participating in studies.
  • Reporting: Airlines can generate reports at will to be submitted to the FAA committees or for internal audits.
  • Increased compliance: The application is frequently audited through a rigorous check of both static code scan and dynamic code scans

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