Client is a leading British multinational telecommunications company

Business Problem

  • Poor customer experience for the B2B segment was impacting Customer retention and revenues

  • Ordering and Service management was increasingly becoming difficult due to poor customer experience.

  • Very few self-service options for customers was leading to higher cost of operations

The Solutions

  • Designed a mobile App for the B2B segment with single sign-on solution using integrated SSO layer.

  • Developed native apps for Android and iOS to leverage platform specific UX capabilities

  • API Gateway development and integration with existing BSS/OSS applications

  • SaaS Web APIs expose core functionality via RESTful services over HTTPS

  • Simplified user flows for ordering and service management

  • Used AuthV2 to set different API access restrictions for different clients

Value Delivered

  • Enhanced customer experience by upgrading webapp to mobile app for B2B business to manage all orders, faults, bills, and services with live chat

  • Consistent experience across Web/Desktop/Mobile platforms enabled through Web APIs

  • API versioning to enable flexibility. Release/deployment cycle of UI & APIs need not happen at same time.

  • App that was developed, worked both for Android and iOS platforms.

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