The client is a leading wireless network operator with the largest 5G network

Business Problem

Our Client’s B2B customers were facing disparate and inconsistent experiences across channels. The Client sought to address key challenges which included:

  • Poor customer experience across different channels because of legacy systems
  • Poor time to market because of monolithic channel specific capabilities
  • High cost of operations of the ecommerce platform due to increased license costs

Accolite Solution

  • Transitioned from license based monolithic ecommerce platform to open source based scalable cloud compatible microservices architecture
  • Simplified the omni channel e-commerce applications and improved customer experience through MicroApps
  • Implemented channel agnostic cart engine catering to business processes across all channels
  • Extensible is used to improve order conversion ratio through analytics
  • AWS managed cloud services implemented for database and Scale In / Scale Out to cater to dynamic demand and traffic

Value Delivered

  • Superior omni-channel customer experience due to seamless, simplified architecture
  • Omni channel platform across B2B channel for ordering which replaced 3 different ordering systems for corporate, government and individual
  • Flexible IT infrastructure built on microservices based architecture, that can scale to include future capabilities like order management, etc
  • Faster time to market due to short development, testing, and deployment cycles
  • Cost savings on license fees of the legacy product and by adopting open-source technologies

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