As one of the leading British multinational telecommunications, the client was constantly looking for ways to deliver cutting-edge products and services to meet growing customer expectations. With our consulting, design and engineering capabilities, we integrated Pega solution to onboard all data related to customers, analyze business data and provide actionable customer insights that can be used by client's agents to service the customers in a seamless manner and create opportunities for cross and up selling.

Business Problem

  • No single source of truth for client agents to seek information on the customer base
  • No mechanism to predict the next best action for the agents to service the customer
  • No mechanism to leverage analytical insights that can power enhanced experiences and decisions

The Solutions

We implemented Pega platform on the existing tech landscape of the client by delivering an improved mechanism to consolidate customer data from various input systems. The aim was to empower client's agents to be more independent while servicing customer base with:

  • Displayed customer’s basic details and provided insights to agents on customer’s usage (broadband, fixed line)
  • The view was restricted based on agent’s authorization
  • Integration with Pega to provide recommendations to the agents for product that the customer might want to buy based on the assets that the customer holds and past customer feedback.
  • Implemented Natural Language Processor (NLP) to analyze business's data to provide “Next Best Action.”

Value Delivered

  • Implementation of Pega solution powered deeper analytics by consolidating reliable and accurate data of customer master profiles, interactions and transactions, as well as third-party, public and social media sources.
  • Agents were able to proactively provide recommendations based on customer’s portfolio and proceed with order journeys
  • Integration with Pega provided agents with relevant recommendations which customers might need.

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