Digital transformation and automation of financial services along with the expansion of FinTech software development is revolutionizing how money is stored, exchanged, moved, or spent. As the FinTech ecosystem gradually evolves, collaboration and the right strategic choices are critical to driving innovation in FinTech app development and devising new business solutions to avoid being outplayed by financial disruption.

With our end-to-end FinTech development services, we partner with FinTech providers, start-ups, and emerging tech accelerators to bridge this gap, remove barriers to innovation and establish an effective business model. We deliver a lean modern digital user experience through our design-led product engineering & customer-centric agile operating model. This enables our customers to fully embrace infrastructure as code and cloud-native services with API-based architecture to drive automated standardized infrastructure and application delivery. 

With our end-to-end FinTech development services, we empower our clients to leverage the power of technology, embrace innovation within their enterprises, and gain a positive return on investments.

How are we engaging with the FinTechs

Fintechs EcoSystem Participants

Digital Neo Banks
& SMEs

Hyperconnected Producers
intercting via API Marketplace

Traditional banks providing
services to its customers via APIs

Financial Services EcoSystem Interface

Core Banking


Loan Account


Treasury bank

& Funding


& Advisory





Our Engagement

Consolidate business and IT systems into a firm wide digital platform using a loosely-coupled cloud enabled API-based microservices architecture , with common reference date sources

Enable advanced analytics, data science and AI/ML capabilities to create business opportunities and value from data

Design & develop cloud native services, using PaaS, IaaS and containers for multi-geo platforms

Recalibrate & modernize upstream & downstream connectivity via intelligent process automation

Our FinTech offerings

In a 8-12 milestone based consulting engagement leveraging our Lean Inception Studio approach, we deliver the following:

1. Experience Design

Recommend clickable static prototypes using our design studio approach

2. Application Modernization Assessment

Translate recommendations to approach via technical & architecture assessment on application ecosystem

3. Thin MVP Slice

Develop cloud & data enabled thin MVP slice & MVP definition.

4. API Development

Leverage our expertise to build API which help in increased deployability, reliability, availability, scalability, modifiability, and better DevOps alignment

5. Infrastructure as Code

Design, build and improve business critical applications - whether new or complex legacy decomposition, leading with cloud and API first strategy to deliver flexible, pluggable and scalable business ecosystems

6. Data Monetization

Provide cutting edge data, analytics, and AI solutions to streamline data operations, using our technical skills in creating data science-led insight engines

Our Accelerator Program
Appian EUC Manager

Our EUC Manager / EUC App is a unique and impactful end-to-end governance solution with a best-in-class automated workflow to control both the population and associated actions of the End User Computes Risk Management.

This successfully automates the governance, addressing perennial challenges whether it is cost, operational risk, operational resilience, opacity, change friction, lack of audit trail and scalability as well as business logic.

Solving business needs across FinTech value chain


Digital product engineering to support Core UPI payment integration like GooglePay, ApplePay for a digital payments fintech providing payment gateway services


Systems development partner for Test Drive and purchase workflow for a manufacturer of electric vehicles


Building Digital payments engine for BNPL, Merchant Nanking and Insurance for e-commerce payment system and financial technology company


Chosen partner to build crypto marketplace trade settlement connectivity engine for the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange aggregator which supports 300+ coins and over 45,000+ pairs


modernization programs encompassing APIs and microservices for an e-commerce marketplace with products across many categories including home & kitchen, games, clothing, furniture, and more


Product development for Wealth Management & Cloud Migration for a fintech offering autonomous software for Order to Cash, Treasury and Record to Report


Engaged as strategic partner to build Merchant Business Banking portal for a provider of core processing for financial institutions; card issuer and transaction processing services


IT partner for unified payment platform to enable payment instruments across channels for a fintech with portfolio spanning digital financial services, customer value management, messaging and broadband solution and digital lifestyle services.

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