No-Code Test Automation in Telecoms : Breaking Down Testing Silos

CSP's are modernizing their traditional monolith IT systems to offer an innovative and seamless experience for customers. They are doing so by adopting a cloud-native microservices-based OSS and BSS architecture. In the midst of this transformation, you need to maintain business continuity while ensuring the integrity of the new solutions.Automation will make that effort much more manageable and feasible by increasing agility and efficiency.

Accolite Digital and LeapWork have come together and jointly created this whitepaper titled: No-Code Test Automation in Telecoms: Breaking Down Testing Silos.

  • Why is test automation necessary in the Telecoms industry?
  • What are the key challenges in enabling test automation?
  • Accolite’s testing approach
  • The virtues of a no-code automation approach
  • What can be automated with Leapwork ?
  • Business Benefits of Leapwork