Our EUC Manager / EUC App is a unique and impactful end-to-end governance solution with a best-in-class automated workflow to control both the population and associated actions of the End User Computes Risk Management.

This successfully automates the governance, addressing perennial challenges whether it is cost, operational risk, operational resilience, opacity, change friction, lack of audit trail and scalability as well as business logic.


Automation of EUC Life-cycle

Real-time insights and end-to-end detailed audit trail

Documentation Capture
Intuitive and Centralized Data Capture

Golden source of End User Computes population and details as an anchor to the overall governance process

Risk Management
Issues and EUC Risk Management

Timely and accountable resolution of problems, issues, and risks

Action Management
Action Management

Track actions against one or more End User Compute using EUC tools to ensure compliance

Data Capture
Documentation/artefact capture

Attach documentation and files to provide audit trail of execution, regulatory requirements, etc.

Multi Platform
Multi-platform access

Intuitive interface via desktop, tablet, or mobile for real-time decision making

Time Optimization
Time-value Optimization

Create a faster, cheaper, and controlled operating environment by pro-actively reducing the End User Compute landscape

Easy Integration
Simple Integration with Existing Assets

Quick and easy integration through either web-based API’s or pre-built connectors

How this works

In collaboration with NextWave and Appian, we have leveraged our extensive expertise of End User Compute and the Appian low-code platform to create a robust governance solution that’s better equipped to solve problems by:
  • Tackling the realities of the End User Compute process for finance and risk professionals to provide a structured approach
  • Extensive and practical experience which ensures this solution is designed to address all aspects of the business needs
  • Intuitive UI/UX which reduces need for staff training and provides real functional needs by user role
  • Implementing a Dashboard approach to give all users real time visibility, removing partial or siloed views
  • Nimbleness and speed to deploy, adapt and integrate their workflow to the solution

On Demand Webinar

In this webinar on Appian EUC Manager, Anand Chandra from Accolite Digital and Phil Kent from Nextwave shared insight on how this unique governance solution helps manage operational risks while also highlighting the power of the Appian platform in financial services.

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