Accelerating Digital Transformation for Insurers

While digital transformation was significant even before the pandemic, its need has only been accentuated by the fast-changing business scenarios. Insurers need to adopt new-age digital solutions at scale and speed to cater to increasingly digital-first touchpoints and fulfil customer obligations with minimal handoffs and paperwork.

Most insurers still run legacy systems that are heavily customized. These behemoths slow down processing and do not provide the required flexibility and agility to improve service experience, speed-to-market, and customer experience. They are expensive to maintain and result in huge tech debts, disparate infrastructure, and significantly expensive process breakdowns. Traditional insurers are also being surpassed by the younger, nimble, and digital tech backed companies.


Our Expertise

Accolite Digital has deep domain expertise in building policy administration and policy servicing systems through easy-to-use mobile & web point of sale applications. We leverage disruptive technology to help insurers achieve scalable and sustainable digital infrastructure suited to process a large volume of transactions. We focus on a microservices and API-led approach to repurpose and modernize legacy systems.

Insurers can capitalize on vast amounts of customer data to build analytics capabilities that deliver accurate predictions on customer behaviour, spending pattern, lifestyle, and other considerations to enhance the member experience. Our Centre of Excellence (CoE) based approach leverages a huge talent pool specializing in cutting-edge technologies.


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