Employee Experience: The future of work redefined

The Times of India

April 17, 2022

With the pandemic resetting work trends in unimaginable ways even a few years ago, everything, from workforce management to employee experience, has been at the forefront of disruption. Before the pandemic hit, the boundaries of employee experience were well-defined. Within the office, it was the organization’s responsibility to ensure a seamless experience for the employees. Beyond that, however, the onus lay with the employee. Thanks to the remote working scenario, these artificial barriers completely faded.

Making employees feel connected to the organization and each other is especially critical, with most of them scattered across different workspaces — their homes. No matter where the workforce is located, enabling the same experience and opportunities for each one of them is the goal for HR leaders in the new normal. Organizations have the unique opportunity to redefine the employee touchpoints and create an experience that focuses on their workforce’s overall well-being and work-life balance.

Navigating the new way of working

As employees, on a large scale, turned their homes into workspaces, employee experience, as we knew it, became obsolete. New challenges emerged with HR teams who were constantly reinventing employee experiences in the virtual set-up and keeping employees engaged. So, what are the steps that HR leaders can take to plan for the future of work? The following 6 HR resolutions will provide a broad framework in structuring the employee experience strategy: 

In conclusion, although employee experience will constantly be evolving, one thing is certain- organizations that make it a priority will have the edge over those who fail to do so in the post-pandemic era. The benefits will be many, whether it is creating better employee experience, having access to global talent pools, or increased loyalty. The pandemic-spurred disruption created an inflection point for businesses to reimagine where they want to be in the future of work.

The author, Milind Mutalik, is Head of Employee Experience at Accolite Digital.

The article has been originally published in The Times of India.

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