AWS Migrations

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What is the AWS MAP?

AWS MAP stands for AWS Migration Acceleration Program. It has been developed to accelerate the cloud journey for enterprises. MAP has been based on the experience of migrating thousands of customers to the cloud while addressing the common issues customers face during migration.


What does AWS MAP provide you?

MAP provides tools to automate migration steps to reduce costs and custom training content to accelerate the migration. In addition to the tools, you will also get access to funding to execute the migration (based on eligibility). Along the way, you will be supported by AWS Professional Services and the AWS Partner Network(APN).


How does it work?

MAP is a proven methodology which has three phases


Identify gaps along the six dimensions of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework.Identify the capabilities required in the migration and build a TCO model.


Build an operational foundation for the migration by fixing capability gaps identified in the Assess phase.Provide clear guidance on migration plans to improve the success of the migration.

Migrate & Modernize

Migrate and Modernize your workloads.Supported by AWS Migration Services, AWS Professional Services team, and AWS Migration Partners.

How can we help?

Accolite brings a ton of experience and knowledge as we are one of Canada’s preferred AWS Migration partners, we have helped multiple organizations to go through the entire cycle of migration.


We have an elite team of engineers, dreamers, doers, and disruptors who are focused technology problem solvers. We create innovative solutions with our clients that reinvent how their customers perceive and engage their services.


We have a rich experience in assisting customers to perform MAP assessments, we have developed our own internal process and tools which help expedite the migration journey.


We are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner which provides us access to the tools and technology available ensuring a successful migration for our customers.