Intelligent data insights to reduce labor expense and improve clinician experience

How might your significant investments in physician recruiting, clinical staff scheduling, and clinical systems change if you had better intelligence? Better visibility into your data?

What if superior insights into your hospital’s patient flow helped determine the best type of clinician to hire? Or how to predict the optimal clinician mix needed for a specific department? What if clinical systems actually worked together to exchange data and functioned from a single user interface?

The entire clinical labor and operations ecosystem is particularly complex, costly and time-consuming.

Our suite of solutions uses automated intelligence to evolve clinical operations for a value-based care environment.



Patient flow in a hospital can be largely unpredictable, especially in departments such as the ED. The erratic nature of patient volume and acuity can force you to make largely reactive decisions about staffing and labor mix. But it doesn’t need to be.

We believe hospital’s patient flow trends are hidden gems of data that can be mined to better predict demand and help you plan capacity well in advance.

Working with you, we deploy predictive analytics that anticipate patient volume and how much work will be needed in a particular department. We then combine predicted demand with prescriptive analytics to recommend optimal staffing and skill mix that will accommodate patient volume.

Our distinctive combination of predictive and prescriptive analytics enables you to proactively schedule staff based on actual need and eliminate waste in labor costs.


We use demand and capacity planning models to anticipate staffing needs.

We interface with related workforce management technologies to maximize existing investments.



We know clinical documentation can be painful and inefficient. Dozens of different technologies that weren’t designed for the ease of the clinical end user, a lack of interoperability, data silos – it’s no wonder physicians struggle with real-time decision-making about patient care.

At Accolite Digital, we believe that clinical systems should enable – not impede – real-time, value-based care.

Through development of tailored, interoperable solutions, we can make clinical documentation easier and more efficient. Our development team partners with you to create modern, clinician-friendly front-end applications that cut down on EMR fatigue and increase accuracy of patient data.

By design, we aim for clinical system integration and process transformation, aligning data silos, enabling disparate systems to work together, and providing a backdrop for access to real-time clinical data.


We hire and train the right development staff that create modern solutions based on your needs.

We adhere to Agile methodology to develop custom applications.

We focus on full business process transformation, not just on implementing individual technologies.

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