Digital product engineering and data science work together to improve your business process

The data problem in healthcare is all too common. Too many systems that don’t work together. Too many technology solutions. Lots of unstructured, fragmented data that you can’t do anything with.

Organizations like yours constantly struggle with:

  • Data access and visibility
  • Data integrity across applications and technologies
  • Manual, inefficient and highly reactive data governance

Without reliable data and insights to forecast, plan and manage our operations, healthcare organizations will lack the ability to perform efficiently in a risk-bearing environment.

This is where Accolite Digital’s digital product engineering and data science capabilities can help you win.

Data Ops


Applying our learnings from the financial services industry, we partner with healthcare organizations to solve complex issues related to data structure, integrity and availability.

We specialize in reconciling disparate data sources and employing data science capabilities to create highly accurate, predictive analytics. This, paired with our prescriptive data modeling approach, enables real-time decision-making and prepares you for a value-based care environment.

Our expert team of developers can work with you to design and create custom applications for your facility or system, giving you the tools to completely transform business processes and operations.


Our goal is to give you the power to make transformational changes in your processes and operations. We’re not here to sell a stand-alone technology. We’re here to help you use what you have, get at the data you need and make faster, more informed decisions.

Classification and Segmentation

Integration and normalization of disparate data types, sources and silos

Forecasting, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Shift to proactive decision-making by looking at data trends

Intelligence and Business Insights

Artificial intelligence to scour your data and provide actionable information

Robotic Process Automation

Intelligent computer coding and machine learning to automate business processes

Data Governance and Integrity

Redesign of data models and structures for proactive governance and auditability

Custom Application Development

Develop an integrated architecture that is secure, scalable and cost effective

IT Cost Optimization

App modernization, cloud services, and offshore resources to minimize expenses

Business Process Transformation

Workflow and process review with addition of intelligent systems and data for efficiency

Technology Transformation

Simplified IT environment through app development and cloud operation

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