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Enabling a value-based care environment 

Multiple non-integrated systems. Disparate technology solutions. Unstructured and fragmented data that lacks utility. Healthcare organizations today are struggling to operate efficiently in risk-bearing environments due to limited data access and visibility, data integrity discrepancies and inefficient data governance practices.   


Our Expertise 

Accolite’s prescriptive data modeling approach and data science capabilities help us reconcile disparate data sources and create highly accurate, predictive analytics that optimize real-time decision-making and help you transition to a value-based care environment. We’re here to help you use what you have and get the data you need to make informed decisions more efficiently. We also give you the tools to keep adapting your operations to overcome your greatest data challenges.


What we do

Classification and Segmentation

Integrate and normalize disparate data types, sources and silos.

Forecasting, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Shift to proactive decision-making by looking at data trends.

Intelligence and Business Insights

Optimize artificial intelligence to scour your data and provide actionable information.

Robotic Process Automation

Use intelligent computer coding and machine learning to automate business processes.

Data Governance and Integrity

Redesign data models and structures for proactive governance and auditability. 

Custom Application Development

Develop an integrated architecture that is secure, scalable and cost-effective.

IT Cost Optimization

Minimize expenses through app modernization, Cloud services and efficient resources.

Business Process Transformation

Align workflow and process review with intelligent systems and data analytics for efficiency.

Technology Transformation

Simplify the IT environment through app development and Cloud operation.

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