Quality data management for powerful insights

Knowledge is power. To succeed today and tomorrow, businesses must harness the potential of their data collection, build predictive models, and make informed strategic decisions.

This takes advanced tools and expertise. And it’s where we excel.

At Accolite, we work alongside the world’s leading enterprises to realize untapped opportunities through our deep data & AI experience. We leverage our data-capture, storage & analysis capabilities as well. Let our team of experts help you discover new avenues for growth.

Beyond the numbers

Venture beyond data collection and discover how enhanced data visibility drives success. We help optimize your operations and maintain a competitive edge with our tailored data-powered solutions and insight engines. 

Leverage information to your advantage with Accolite.

Experience that sets us apart

AI-guided customer experience

Access our advanced AI technologies for unparalleled customer experience, including our conversational AI tool that effortlessly handles customer queries.

Deep expertise across industries

We provide data solutions, consulting services and technology implementations across industries, including demand forecasting engines for healthcare, advanced data lakes for insurers, risk management systems for airlines and intelligent profiling for communication services. 

Skilled problem-solvers

Dedicated to providing customized data, analytics and AI solutions that meet your business needs, we’re strategic doers with deep technical expertise. We employ only the top 1% of applicants, providing you exclusive access to the best technical minds in the industry.

Industry specific data-driven accelerators

Leverage granular data analytics to propel your business forward, enabling targeted growth strategies, market insights, and tailored mentorship for unparalleled success.


How we help

Generative AI

Unlock the full potential of Generative AI with our cutting-edge innovation, ethical practices and responsible deployment. During every phase of your AI journey, we provide guidance and mitigate risk by:

  • Exploring opportunities for process efficiency
  • Testing ideas through rapid prototypes
  • Deploying proven solutions 
  • Developing agile roadmaps to unlock value for your team and users

Data Engineering

Our data engineering offerings help you effectively collect, process and organize data and make informed decisions: 

  • Data Modernization (Cloud)
  • Data Lake / Warehouse 
  • Data Design 
  • Data Pipelines (ETL, ELT)
  • Data Quality & MDM 
  • Data Discovery and Preparation for Analytics

Business Intelligence & Insights

Gain a competitive edge with actionable information derived from: 

  • Data Visualization (Dashboards, UI)
  • Self-Service Analytics

Data Advisory and DataOps

Maximize the potential of your organization’s data assets while ensuring data quality, governance and compliance:

  • Data Strategy
  • Data Governance
  • Data Maturity Assessment

Vertical Data Integration Services (Healthcare, Telco, BFSI)

Our data integration services effortlessly connect data across verticals and systems within your organization, enabling a holistic view of your data landscape: 

  • HL7 Integrations 
  • FHIR Integrations 
  • Telco Data Integrations 
  • BFSI Data Integrations

AI Advisory

We provide strategic guidance in leveraging AI technologies so you can navigate the complexities of AI adoption, identify opportunities and implement solutions that drive business growth:

  • AI Use Case Identification 
  • AI Roadmapping

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Our AI/ML solutions will help your business harness the power of advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques: 

  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
  • AI/ML Data Pre-processing 
  • AI/ML Model Selection & Development 
  • AI Services Integration (ChatGPT, Chatbots, Computer Vision, NLP)
  • Automation of ML lifecycle 
  • MLOps

AI Solutions

Achieve breakthrough results with our tailored AI Solutions: 

  • AI Hyper-Personalization 
  • AI Insight Extraction (Logs, Images)
  • AI Process Automation

Case studies


Our longstanding partnerships with leading data analytics and AI providers give our clients  access to valuable resources and new avenues for business growth.


Recognized by Zinnov Zones

Our AI Engineering Services have been positioned in the Expansive Zone in the Zinnov Zones 2022 E R&D Services Report.


How do Machines Learn

In the second part of the 3-part series on Machine Learning, our expert Priyanka Palshetkar explores the fundamental mathematics behind machine learning algorithms, the basics of hyper-parameter tuning and how we can help the machines learn better.

Optimize your data and AI practices

Don’t let your data remain mere numbers. Gain actionable insights to optimize your operations and achieve consistent growth with our team by your side.