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Well designed products that drive strategy, vision and execution

Businesses often struggle to navigate leads through the digital customer journey due to preventable challenges like poor interface usability, disjointed customer experiences, limited in-house capabilities, or lack of data. With the right digital engineering partner, common pain points become a thing of the past. 

We’re that partner. Accolite can help you create high-impact products and experiences that unlock value quickly and drive business growth long-term.

A consistently effective experience at every user touchpoint

We offer a range of services to craft high-performing customer-facing applications – including user research, customer journey mapping, front-end design and development, UX design and strategy. 

Our human-centric and design-led approach helps our customers solve complex digital challenges, achieve product-market fit, tap  into new opportunities faster, and grow their customer base.

Experience that sets us apart

We design strategically for long-term success

We mitigate the risks associated with digital transformation by applying the latest UX research and processes, aligning stakeholder visions and goals before a project commences, and conducting meticulous testing throughout our design process. Our solutions help businesses embrace modern best practices while preparing for future demand, enabling teams to stay ahead of the curve, today and tomorrow.

Fast, lean & value-driven: Design Labs

Accelerate time to market and foster stakeholder alignment with our Design Labs. Design-led product transformation starts with empathy, so we conduct real-world research and intensive UX Jam sessions that examine a user’s tasks, influences, pain points and goals. We also examine the way they use, view, and evaluate technology. These findings guide us in crafting customer journeys through a thoughtfully designed interaction opportunity landscape. Finally, we run rigorous usability testing to validate and adjust our understanding of what customers really want – not just what they say or think they want. The result: deeply thought-out, user-centric solutions that drive business value.

Customized designs informed by deep user insights

We focus on what’s meaningful, not on what’s trendy or easy. We conduct thorough research and dive into the world of your users to get insights into their needs and pain points. We leverage our findings to create tailored digital products and experiences that exceed customer expectations.


How we help

User Research and Design Strategy

Inform your design strategy with deep user insights. To fully understand your target audience, we perform research (like surveys, interviews, and usability testing) and define user personas. Our results enable your team to deliver a customized user experience design that inspires loyalty.

Customer Journey Mapping

Align your digital experiences with your customers’ needs and expectations: our customer journey mapping service helps you visualize the buyer’s start-to-finish experience with your products or services. We optimize the entire customer experience, mapping out your prospects’ touchpoints and interactions across various channels and pinpointing areas for improvement.

Visual Design

Enhance your user experience with a pleasing and intuitive interface. From aesthetic layouts, color schemes, typography, imagery, and navigation elements, we elevate your brand and the customer experience across all digital platforms. The outcome? An enjoyable interface that strikes the optimal balance between aesthetics and ease of use.

Rapid Prototyping

Test your design ideas with our interactive prototypes. Our iterative process helps validate design choices, gather early feedback, and refine the user experience before investing significant resources into full development. With rapid prototyping, your team can evaluate the functionality and flow of your digital product, enabling stakeholders to visualize and test the user experience cost-effectively.

Front End Design and Development

Bring your design vision to life with our front-end technologies. Our front-end design and development service ensures the user experience is flawlessly executed across different devices and platforms, giving users a smooth and engaging digital experience.

Case studies


We utilize a range of leading digital platforms to bring your design ideas to life.

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On-Demand Webinar

Communications Service as a Marketplace

Anupam Agarwal and Sumit Sachdeva speak on how #CSPs can evolve as a Communications Services Marketplace and work together with Digital and OTT Service Providers.

Draw in, engage and grow your audience

Visualize exceptional audience growth and engagement. With deep expertise in research, design and testing, Accolite’s human-centric CX team can help you provide a more effective and enjoyable digital experience.