As their trusted technology and consulting partner, we helped the client improve the eCommerce journey and move away from a licensed platform to open source technology solution. With this transformation, the client was able to deliver seamless customer experience enabling more feature releases with consistent quality and increased usability.

Business Problem

Legacy monolithic architecture leading to high complexity and low performance

  • Poor customer experience across different channels owing to the legacy systems
  • Poor time to market because of monolithic channel specific capabilities
  • High cost of operations of the ecommerce platform due to license costs associated

The Solutions

Scalable Microservices Architecture

Partnered with the client for comprehensive assessment of existing eCommerce platform and moved it from licensed based monolithic eCommerce platform to highly scalable open-source, cloud compatible microservices architecture-based system.

Architecture Transformation

Identified the gaps in the pre-existing architecture and provided a roadmap for the phase-wise transformation to microservice based architecture.

Enhanced Cart Management

Revamped the omni-channel Cart Management system that caters to business processes across multiple portals/ channels.

Automated System Comparison

Automated test framework for operational comparison between existing legacy and new systems to improve business user experience. Technologies Used: Angular, Springboot.

Value Delivered

Implemented the entire transformation of movement to open source microservice platform in a record time of seven months.

Enabled significant cost saving by adopting open-source technology over licensed platform.


Microservices were launched in period of seven months

Modernized cloud microservices architecture compared to earlier legacy monolithic architecture.

Led to shorter development & testing cycles and negligible downtimes.

Increased reliability and maintainability with lesser reliance on rare and specific tech stack skills.