Digital transformation meets human-centered design and flawless delivery

Financial institutions must perform a difficult balancing act: exceeding customer expectations while managing high stakes within a rigorously regulated landscape.

Business success requires offering smooth user experiences, self-service workflows, and personalized solutions to nurture customer loyalty. Equally important is technical excellence: uncompromising data security, a comprehensive cloud strategy, and a heritage modernization roadmap.

It’s a complicated ask. And it’s where we excel.

The Accolite difference

Many Financial Services tech specialists state that they create, develop and integrate tailor-made solutions across the industry spectrum. Increasingly, those are table stakes. Where does Accolite stand out from the rest? Our holistic approach evaluates your unique challenges and opportunities from multiple perspectives: business, product, technology, and data. We design a roadmap to achieve your long-term objectives, while delivering value sooner.

Design-first product transformation

Too often, modernization projects result in a “lift and shift” migration, missing an opportunity to simultaneously evolve the product. By engaging stakeholders early and often in experience design and interactive prototypes, Accolite delivers more value, faster.

Risk-sharing engagement model

By building a deep understanding of a project’s context, we are able to structure delivery to minimize and share risk, align our incentives with our customer’s, and increase our mutual confidence in exceptional outcomes.

Ecosystem modernization

Our diverse toolbox allows us to right-fit our approach to your particular environment by developing greenfield solutions, evolving existing applications, and ensuring heritage and new systems integrate seamlessly to deliver maximum business value.

A dynamic partner for tailored financial solutions

Our project teams offer our customers on-demand agility, scaling up when demands are high and pivoting when business priorities rapidly shift.


Appian EUC Manager

Benefit from our Appian EUC Manager, a comprehensive governance solution. Its best-in-class automated workflow addresses cost, operational risk and resilience, opacity, change friction, lack of audit trail and scalability as well as business logic.


Optimize the existing.
Conceptualize the new.
Create what’s next.

Our expertise across the financial services industry helps you engage users within a secure and compliant environment.

Case studies

Our team of fearless thinkers

Anand Chandra

Anand Chandra

Global Head BFS Presales & CoE

Priyank Kapadia

Priyank Kapadia

Technology Partner – BFS

Vipin Gupta

Vipin Gupta

General Manager – BFS

Zubin Dhingra

Zubin Dhingra

Client Partner – BFS

Bank on the most talented team in the industry

We deliver superior service and exceptional results for leaders across the BFSI sector. Work with us to create unexpected solutions to known problems, and discover new ways to avoid future challenges.