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Achieving scalable and sustainable digital infrastructure

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Empowering insurers through digital transformation

We have extensive expertise in the insurance domain, specializing in the development of policy administration and policy servicing systems. Assisting insurers in their digital transformation journey, we leverage disruptive technologies to enable scalable and sustainable digital infrastructures capable of processing high volumes of transactions. We create user-friendly mobile and web applications for seamless point-of-sale interactions. By embracing microservices, we break down complex systems into smaller, more manageable components.  

Our aim is to empower insurers with cutting-edge technology solutions that optimize your operations, improve customer experience, and support business growth.  


What we do

ePOS Digital Channel

We specialize in developing electronic insurance POS software that simplifies and automates the transaction process for both customers and clients. By combining our electronic insurance POS software competency with our Data and AI capabilities, we empower insurers to streamline their sales processes, increase operational efficiency, and deliver enhanced value to their customers.

All-in-one AI health & wellness app

As the insurance industry continues to evolve, the value-added service model is gaining prominence. We recognize the significance of AI-based healthcare apps as a powerful tool for assisting in health management. These applications leverage AI and advanced technologies to enhance the healthcare experience for insurers and their customers. Design and develop your NextGen healthcare ecosystems specifically tailored for your business and customers.

Insurance test automation

Insurers spanning various segments like health, life, property, casualty, specialty, and re-insurance are actively pursuing digital transformation initiatives. We understand your evolving needs and our quality engineering services cater to your transformation, offering platform-led automation solutions across the entire digital value chain, ensuring that DX, UX, CX, and DI optimize the full customer journey. 

Omnichannel processing systems

We have developed an API-based digital platform that allows you and your beneficiaries to submit claims conveniently. Its high availability lets users access it whenever required and we help you reduce turnaround time for claim processing, enabling faster and more efficient claim settlements. 

Generative AI-enabled chatbot

We offer a comprehensive support assistant that is fully customizable to meet your unique needs. It is equipped with advanced Generative AI engines that can handle a wide range of tasks, including query lookup, policy servicing features, and document management. 

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