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Powering up your efficiency

Cloud computing is the fuel that drives the digital transformation engine. It  offers businesses scalable storage, enables flexible computing power and encourages rapid experimentation, without technical debt. 

No matter where you are in your cloud journey, we’ll help you accelerate your digital transformation by leveraging cloud architecture, engineering, SecOps, FinOps and DevOps.

Adapt, innovate, and thrive on the cloud

Break down the technical barriers that restrict your growth and innovation. We’re experts at crafting advanced cloud-focused solutions that enable you to reimagine your business for the digital-first consumer.

Experience that sets us apart

Integrated and secure cloud solutions

Determine the right cloud strategy, operating model, roadmap and ecosystem partnerships for low-friction and cost-effective cloud solutions.

Optimizing efficiency with DevOps

Deliver applications and services at a higher velocity, automate your infrastructure and solve your unique business challenges with our hands-on consulting services and customized DevOps solutions.

Modernize with microservices

Stay ahead of the ever-accelerating tech curve with microservice architecture. Get ready to develop, pivot and iterate faster than ever.


How we help

Cloud Foundations

Design core cloud foundations to set up future systems on the cloud for maximum uptime, low operating costs and reduced time to market. Our cloud solutions include:  

  • Cloud architecture
  • Cloud IaaS and PaaS integration readiness
  • Cloud rationalization / review (computing, storage, networking and resilience)
  • Cloud cost profiling
  • Cloud adoption model and operating model advisory


Redesign, refactor, and optimize existing applications and associated infrastructure. We’ll modernize to include containers, serverless, microservices and purpose-built databases that drive scale, resilience and cost optimization.

Cloud Migration and Transformation

Move and transform-in-flight your existing on-premise technology stacks (infrastructure, applications, security and networking) into the cloud. Our Cloud Centre of Excellence provides governance models, adoption programs, and economic management and investing/funding approaches that include cloud-to-cloud migration and integrations.

Cloud Security

Equip your data with robust cloud security measures:

  • Architecture 
  • Design
  • Rationalization / review of security services (identity management, RBAC, ACL, VPN)
  • Implementation and operationalization


Ensure availability and scalability of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Automate your systems for foundational service monitoring, incident prediction, performance profiling and reporting, operational cost usage and application dependency oversight.

Cloud Cost Management and Optimization

Manage and optimize your cloud costs. Our cloud budget office program provides tools, reporting and contractual /operational services for discounting, investment and cost efficiency.

SaaS Design, Engineering, and Prototyping Factory

Define, design and implement new or existing software applications in a cloud-first, subscription-driven delivery model across the development lifecycle of POCs, prototypes and MVPs.    

Case studies


Access valuable resources and deep expertise through our extensive collaborations with established and innovative digital platforms.


Recognized by Zinnov Zones

Our AI Engineering Services have been positioned in the Expansive Zone in the Zinnov Zones 2022 E R&D Services Report.

On-Demand Webinar

Greening the Cloud

The first edition of our Coffee and Cloud webinar series focused on the importance of a robust sustainability strategy for your cloud workloads. How do you leverage AWS to sustainably power cloud workloads and achieve corporate sustainability goals? Watch this webinar with AWS for more insights.

Build your future on the Cloud

Make the most of what the cloud has to offer. When you partner with us, the sky’s the limit for digital transformation.