In the first part of this series, we explored the complexities and strategies involved in modernizing legacy technology with AWS that organizations treading on this path face. Now, let’s delve into a real-life case study of Trimac Transportation and how this leading bulk transportation company effectively updated its outdated technology and processes by leveraging AWS’s public cloud offering and built a responsive web application. 

Trimac Transportation, a leader in highway transportation of bulk commodities throughout North America, recognized the need for digital transformation early on, and embarked on a journey of innovation which involved:

  1. Identifying their Challenges: A few of the major challenges Trimac faced were to do with meeting real-time customer demands, providing proactive transportation solutions, and overcoming demographic headwinds like access to skilled drivers. To add to this, the vast geography they operated in, made the dispatch management an increasingly complex task. But, instead of just keeping pace, Trimac made strategic investments in innovation, workforce training, and upskilling to embrace legacy technology modernization.
  2. AWS Consulting Partners for Modernisation: Understanding the critical role of a reliable technology partner in successful modernization, Trimac engaged with AWS to drive their transformation efforts forward. With a lot of research and productive conversations, focused efforts with their AWS partners, Trimac was efficiently able to reduce lead times for production-ready applications and services. 

A well-defined transformation strategy focusing on a broad enough use case allowed them to test the application, data, and compute limits while not being mission-critical or overly complicated. Through continuous collaboration with AWS consulting partners and a targeted approach, they leveraged their existing microservices foundation to develop solutions. These solutions enabled proactive transportation services, improved operational efficiency, and allowed them to stay ahead by delivering exceptional real-time customer experiences in the trucking industry today.

Unlock Your Competitive Advantage: Partner for Future Proofing and Modernization

When it comes to cloud adoption and modernization, a strategic partner plays a crucial role in driving long-term transformations, preparing organizations for the future, and aligning cloud governance and security with other business operations. A successful engagement with the right partner can result in increased developer productivity, improved collaboration between IT and the business, and long-term total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI).

To future-proof their operations, organizations should focus on three key areas: automating outcomes and increasing productivity through AI/ML-driven initiatives, leveraging low code/no code solutions; and transitioning to subscription-based models. Having a trusted partner on board can help with long-term sustainment engineering for these new applications.

Embrace the Future with the Right AWS Partner

Cloud is a journey rather than a destination. With a successful partnership with experienced AWS partners like Accolite, Trimac Transportation has successfully modernized its legacy technology and processes with the latest cloud technologies. And this is just the beginning. With continued collaboration, Trimac is well-positioned to orchestrate its digital journey and stay ahead of its competitors.

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Note: This blog highlights key points from a webinar discussion hosted by Accolite where experts discussed modernizing legacy technology using AWS to bridge business drivers with technology-based solutions. 

You can watch the webinar recording here: [Webinar]To learn more about modernizing legacy technology using AWS, download Trimac Transportation’s featured case study here: [Trimac’s Case Study]