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Technical ingenuity meets human-centered problem solving

Fragmented data sources lead to misinformed decisions and disjointed processes across the healthcare industry, impacting hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, and ultimately, patients.

At Accolite, we entered the healthcare space to solve the hard problems that underlie the quality and timeliness of patient care. These are challenges that we are uniquely qualified to meet. Our human-centered design process, coupled with industry-leading technical prowess and domain expertise, helps us identify and resolve crucial business, technical – and deeply personal – issues across the healthcare spectrum.

Whether you’re looking to transition to value-based care, optimize scheduling and revenue systems, or accurately predict patient volumes, Accolite has the tools and the skillset to bring your vision to life. Perhaps most importantly, we embrace a process that puts real people and their problems at the center of everything we do.

The Accolite difference

Accolite is committed to helping our healthcare customers as they transition to a proactive approach to patient wellness. This value-based model governs how we strategize about problems and solutions; how we gather, prioritize and activate data; and how we optimize technology to solve challenges across the healthcare ecosystem, from insurers, tech companies and hospitals to patients, payers and practitioners.

We’ve built a strong ethos around customer success

We won’t sell you a cookie-cutter solution that others in your industry already use. We’ll solve the specific problem you’re having, work with you to devise an answer that tackles the challenges you’re facing today, and prepare you for tomorrow. 

We’re strategists and technologists

We will not only provide smart strategy around how to fix your problem – we’ll actually fix it for you. Our team combines experienced business consulting with world-class engineering to give our customers effective end-to-end solutions, saving time and resources. 

We design solutions for real people

Within the healthcare industry, human-centered design can be a life-saving practice; that’s our north star as we streamline strategies, systems, data protocols, and user journeys. We know that we’re often dealing with life and death situations, and we act like it – meticulously, swiftly and with ingenuity.

We bring high-tech solutions to businesses of all sizes

We hope to solve fundamental challenges faced by the entire healthcare industry. That means bringing technologies normally reserved for large organizations to frontline providers (including individual doctors and community clinics) who are trying to provide proactive, cost-effective ways of keeping people healthy.


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Proven paths to enhance operational efficiency

Clinician optimization

Transform clinical operations to a value-based care environment with our suite of automated intelligence solutions.

RCM yield

Maximize the potential of your RCM, optimize reimbursement and offset reduced margins as you get ready to step into the future of value-based care.

Data analytics

Access the reliable data you require to make informed decisions about patient care and operational efficiency.


Optimize the existing.
Conceptualize the new.
Create what’s next.

Accolite’s deep knowledge of the Healthcare industry helps us engage quickly with even the most specialized projects. With our “one team” approach, we embrace the spirit of innovation while completing projects smoothly and on time.

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Our team of fearless thinkers

Chris Strahorn

Chris Strahorn

Field CTO

Krishna Prasad

Krishna Prasad

Head of Data Integration


Sri Gogineni

Client Partner

A prescription for better healthcare delivery

We’re changing the way healthcare works for everyone in the industry, from hospitals and administrators to clinicians and patients. Let’s talk.