Healthcare organizations are grappling with data-related issues. The inability to handle large volumes of data and derive real-time insights is preventing them from operating at the highest levels of efficiencies. With data residing in both internal and external systems, extracting, integrating, and standardizing the data is an ongoing challenge. Budgetary constraints and staffing issues add to the complexity, as it calls for resources to monitor and manage the integrations. Healthcare organizations are bearing the brunt of such mismanaged systems. A use case in point, a version change in a source system that doesn’t integrate in real-time can cause critical billing data to go missing. This could cost the hospital significant revenue leakage in the form of missing reimbursements from late filing or, at the very least, delay in cash flows. All of these issues can be addressed with the adoption of DataOps.

DataOps is an innovative breakthrough in data management. Organizations manage and operate data for healthcare organizations rather than just engineering and monitoring the data. This allows them to utilize modern data analytics practices and drive sound business practices that effectively reduce costs and increase revenues.

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