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Innovative technology that creates bold new opportunities

Customers want the latest features, fast – and that means organizations have to innovate quickly and effectively. 

To capture market share and increase revenues, you need cloud-hosted, easily configurable technology solutions backed by big data and AI capabilities. We’ll help speed your go-to-market strategy and build top-line revenues with product roadmap acceleration, M&A engineering, tech debt consolidation and other services.

The Accolite difference

Our Technology teams have expertise in engineering across all product lifecycle phases, from innovation to design, development, testing, and deployment. We build breakthrough solutions leveraging ML & AI, cloud computing, business intelligence & data analytics, mobile applications, social technologies and UI/UX engineering.

Relentless about customer success

Our commitment to customer success and building business value is reflected in everything we do, from creating customized solutions to providing continuous support. As industry veterans, we can deliver the MVPs and quick wins that other companies have difficulty with. And our job doesn’t end with building products – we ensure adoption by focusing on the transition to the production phase.

Unmatched versatility

We are adaptable and resilient, allowing our customers to see value quickly and stay competitive in a rapidly changing environment. We take pains to fit seamlessly into our customer’s ecosystem and work within their systems and constraints.

Team of game-changers

Our team includes innovators, thought leaders and disruptors who possess unique skills, knowledge and experience to drive change and create new opportunities. Our uniquely demanding hiring process ensures that we hire only the top 1% of all applicants, whom we test and train to the highest standards.

Unlocking the impossible

We think ambitiously and use our experience to deliver solutions that others may consider impossible, push the boundaries of what’s achievable, and unlock new opportunities. We build what you need, not merely what’s easy or on trend.


Driving Digital Transformation in Tire Retail

We are proud to partner with Discount Tire, America’s largest independent tire and wheel retailer. Together, we’re transforming the shopping and service experience for Discount Tire’s customers.

Gary Desai, EVP and CIO at Discount Tire, shares his insights into Project Vision, our joint initiative aimed at modernizing the point-of-sale system by replacing the existing platform with a cutting-edge solution that incorporates cloud computing, business analytics, and AI.


Optimize the existing.
Conceptualize the new.
Create what’s next.

Accolite’s deep expertise in digital technology and engineering solves “impossible” challenges, delivering efficient, elegant technical solutions that achieve even your most ambitious business goals.

Case studies

Our team of fearless thinkers

Gaurav Karwal

Gaurav Karwal

Head of Customer Engagement

Pankaj Aggarwal

Pankaj Aggarwal

Principal Architect

Siba Dora

Siba Dora

Client Partner

Srinath Gunasekaran

Srinath Gunasekaran

Principal Architect

Realize your ambition with transformative digital technology

Accolite’s sophisticated technology team can help you realize exceptional business results, backed by our cloud and AI capabilities. Together, let’s get your idea to market.