Business Problem

The client’s Operations team was facing poor response time in its service management applications. Also, the cost of operations was escalating due to:

  • Poor visibility of the network and across alarms or issues
  • High response time for incidents
  • Manual processing with on-prem architecture led to cost inefficiencies

The Solutions

Enhanced IoT Data Capture

Redesigned the backend and the database to improve data capturing across millions of IoT devices.

Comprehensive Systems Management

Developed new applications for the end-to-end tower, network, and router systems management.

Integrated GIS Solution

The solution was GIS-based and integrated with Field Service management.

Secure Authentication Integration

Included role-based authentication & integration with AAA servers, LDAP, and SAML.

Enhanced Maps Integration

Created improved Google Maps integration.

icon data usage
Cloud Migration Success

Migrated from OnPrem to an AWS Cloud environment.

Value Delivered

Allowed real time visualization of the network and IoT devices monitoring.

Automation of the monitoring and incident management processes.


Reduction in monthly costs due to better integration with Google Maps


Response time
for incidents

On Prem to AWS Cloud migration and DevOps automation.

Linked the field force processes with the monitoring processes.