Business Problem

Our client was facing the below issues:

Unstable technology team of a recent strategic acquisition leading to delayed release to customersmst feugiat fusce.

  • Revenue losses due to lack of scalability of the legacy platform
  • Sub-optimal software delivery process leading to slow release to market cycle, resulting in potential revenue losses

The Solutions

Technology Stack Revamp

Reverse engineered the legacy technology stack of the acquired company and took the technology ownership.

Enhanced Performance

Resolved complex performance issues of their platform and moved the architecture of the monolith application to a microservice based one.

Streamlined Build Process

Replaced key sub optimally performing pieces of the build process with faster alternatives.

Value Delivered

Fast and optimal software delivery process enabled our client to double their release velocity, serving fixes even faster to the end-customers, increasing apps popularity.


More customers


Increase in revenue

Fast and stable release cadence of the new acquisition helped end-customer release rollouts with confidence, bringing in more revenue.