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Full-service enterprise platform integrator

We offer a comprehensive approach to addressing the complex challenges faced by our financial industry clients through an end-to-end value proposition and strategic partnerships. By understanding your unique needs, we provide a holistic solution that considers all aspects of your business. 


What we do

Platform Business and Technology Advisory

Our expertise lies in helping you identify the areas where you can optimize your processes to enhance efficiency and productivity. Whether it’s streamlining workflows, improving resource allocation, or redefining operational structures, we offer guidance to achieve optimal results. Additionally, we assist in evaluating the options of buying or building technology solutions based on your needs.

Trading System Integration & Upgrade

In today’s heavily regulated market, financial institutions face significant pressure to lower their technology costs while maintaining compliance. Following agile methodology, we deliver solutions in a timely and iterative manner, adapting to evolving requirements and market conditions. 

Business Function Solution

We design, develop, and integrate customized solutions and engineering plugins for your specific business functions excluded from the Capital Markets business scope due to regulatory requirements.

Platform Cloud Enablement

We provide comprehensive assistance with implementing your cloud strategy, aligning it with your product landscape (including OTC, listed, and exotics) and regulatory guidelines at the firm level. Our focus is on optimizing costs and achieving operational efficiencies across various vectors.

Platform Test Automation

Whether it’s automating functional, regression, performance, or other types of tests, our goal is to maximize automation levels and minimize human intervention. Leveraging the capabilities of the ORQA platform, we can automate a wide range of tests, ensuring high levels of accuracy and reliability. We elevate testing automation levels to exceed 90%. 

Platform DevOps & DataOps

To expedite the delivery of superior solutions into production, it’s crucial to transition to a DevOps approach. Our methodology goes hand in hand with DataOps, enhancing the handling of databases and creating efficient environments. We harness our skilled engineers and partner network to facilitate continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous delivery. 

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We deliver superior service and exceptional results for leaders across the BFSI sector. Work with us to create unexpected solutions to known problems, and discover new ways to avoid future challenges.