Business Problem

The Client sought wished to raise capital by issuing securities. They needed a global system to:

Capture pre-trade workflow for the lifecycle actions of these firm issued financial products

  • Track and approve issuances throughout the lifecycle as per workflows and entities (Tax, Legal, etc)
  • Enable accurate routing of issuances based on sign off groups and allow funding and pricing to be requested and provided by treasury
  • Track and monitor revenues (Assets vs Liabilities and other Business KPIs) on a single dashboard

The Solutions

Tailored Business Solutions

Designed and implemented various products with complex workflows (over the past five years) to address business needs. In-line with regulations.

Modernized Infrastructure

Upgraded the technology platforms to meet both current and future needs. Reduced technical debt accumulated over the years.

Streamlined Workflows

Integrated with multiple upstream, downstream, and interdependent business workflows for easy reporting. Used Agile, DevOps, and CI/CD process to make systems nimble and responsive.

Value Delivered

This resulted in a 9X reduction in average time to assign a case via a micro services architecture that scales horizontally, resulting in faster patient care and increased revenue.

35% reduction in Radiologist case read turnaround time.

Removed inefficiencies due to inaccurate manual processes.

Increased efficiency by ensuring each case is read by the most qualified Radiologist, meeting or exceeding study review standards and keeping study repeat rates low.

Upgraded the technology stack to latest versions and closed security vulnerabilities which ensured compliance with HIPAA.


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