Business Problem

Ordering and Service management was increasingly becoming difficult due to poor customer experience

  • Poor customer experience for the B2B segment was impacting Customer retention and revenues
  • Very few self-service options for customers was leading to higher cost of operations

The Solutions

Efficient B2B Authentication

Designed a mobile App for the B2B segment with single sign-on solution using integrated SSO layer.

Platform-specific User Experience

Developed native apps for Android and iOS to leverage platform specific UX capabilities.

Seamless Integration

API Gateway development and integration with existing BSS/OSS applications.

Scalable Integration

SaaS Web APIs expose core functionality via RESTful services over HTTPS.

Better User Experience

Simplified user flows for ordering and service management.

Enhanced API Security

Used AuthV2 to set different API access restrictions for different clients.

Value Delivered

Enhanced customer experience by upgrading webapp to mobile app for B2B business to manage all orders, faults, bills, and services with live chat.

Consistent experience across Web/Desktop/Mobile platforms enabled through Web APIs.

API versioning to enable flexibility. Release/deployment cycle of UI & APIs need not happen at same time.

App that was developed, worked both for Android and iOS platforms.