As organisations deal with the post-pandemic reality, the future of work has become the present of work. 

The challenges brought on by the pandemic have been significant and far-reaching, including sudden shifts to remote work, aligning the employee lifecycle processes with business deliveries, and ensuring the health and wellness of the employees. 

While 2022 was the year of pushing the boundaries of how HR will function in the new normal, 2023 is the year in which HR trends will need to add real value to the transformation witnessed in the industry in the last few years. 

To adapt to the seismic shift brought by the pandemic, organisations in which the leadership team led by example, provided a clear vision, and motivated the team to go the extra mile, were the ones that could reap real benefits in 2022. 

With a focus on creating an employee experience where everyone feels valued, building a flexible Employee Value Proposition (EVP) framework was critical to balancing employee expectations and organisational actions.

While employee-centricity remains the overarching theme, flexible working models, skills convergence, Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) standards, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) will remain the top HR priorities. These are essential for organisations that aspire to adapt to the constantly evolving HR landscape.

Accolite’s Open Culture

At Accolite, empowering our employees to pursue their careers while balancing their personal and professional goals is at the core of our people strategy.

As one team across geographies, we constantly endeavour to build an open and inspiring culture to align our people with the vision, enabling them to be influential brand ambassadors. 

We have different Committees responsible for driving initiatives regarding employee welfare, CSR, environmental support, sports, etc.

With teams spread across locations, there is an increased focus on a streamlined communication strategy to sustain a supportive work culture. Having an effective two-way conversation by tackling queries promptly and maintaining clear communications is an essential part of our organisational DNA.

We foster a culture of open communication that nurtures innovation, employee satisfaction, and holistic wellness.

Various initiatives are undertaken to empower our people and create a sense of purpose. For instance: 

  • Internally, we conduct many surveys (Onboarding survey, Less than 180 days completion survey, and Happiness Index Survey) to get engagement scores.The most important among them is the Happiness Index Survey, which provides an opportunity for employees to offer feedback about their experience in the organisation and highlight the areas of improvement.
  • Regularly, we review and integrate employee feedback to implement programs that provide employee engagement opportunities and drive leadership accountability.
  • We value all our employees’ inputs, feedback, and ideas and are committed to creating a work environment where every voice is heard.

HR Trends for 2023: Prioritising Employee Well-being, Diversity, and Inclusion for Positive Retention and Sustainable Growth

For an organisation to grow steadily and sustainably, HR leaders need to be aware of employee needs to build trust and nurture a sense of belonging that would invariably result in positive retention. 

Retaining people becomes easier when employees have their growth path charted within the organisation and have the right opportunities to expand their skill sets and shape their careers. 

In 2023, as companies navigate the change and plan for the road ahead, HR leaders must move towards a more proactive approach to employee well-being, whether mental, physical, or financial. 

Having a diverse workforce with distinct needs and setting clear principles on working models will be a top HR trend so that employees can choose how they work within the parameters put in place by the company. 

At Accolite, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) are at the heart of our people strategy. With our expanding global team, we are committed to building an inclusive and equitable workplace where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work. Women have a key role to play in our mission of becoming one of the world’s most desirable digital engineering firms by 2025. 

We aim to scale our diversity ratio to an industry-leading 35% by 2025. From focusing on enhancing gender diversity in our leadership and taking affirmative actions like establishing Diversity committees to devising the right policy frameworks and programmes to drive an inclusive culture, DEI remains a key priority within our organisation.

With the hybrid way of working, the idea of employee visibility needs to be redefined to ensure that people are recognised and feel included, whether they are working in the office or remotely.

From devising new performance management models with more agile and frequent check-ins to reviewing the rewards and recognitions in resetting work processes, organisations have to walk the talk to attract and retain diverse and geographically distributed talent. 

As employee experience takes centre stage in 2023 and the disruption in the world of work continues, HR will remain at the forefront of the change and drive strategic impact through people. In an economically uncertain time, the more steps organisations can take to ensure that their employees are connected, engaged, and thriving, the more likely they will witness the benefits throughout the workplace. 

About the Author

Milind Mutalik, Head of Employee Experience at Accolite Digital.

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