Data you can use. Stats revenue cycle leaders can trust. Actionable insights to optimize your RCM operations.

Manual, reactive, error-prone processes.

Incorrect and delayed reimbursements.

An ocean of data with limited visibility into what’s truly actionable.

Hundreds – if not thousands – of different payors to manage.

These are the challenges that revenue cycle leaders face daily. But when you’re trying to manage the day-to-day job of accurate reimbursement – albeit crucial to an organization’s business viability – how and when do you have the time and focus to make strategic shifts?

We believe healthcare organizations can transcend traditional RCM operations that are focused on charge capture and revenue. Rather, we see an operational structure that enables providers to look across data silos to better understand risk and make real-time decisions for value-based care.

Here’s how…

Revenue Optimization


We aim to fill a strategic need by using data to address revenue leakage. We want you to have insights into what you should be getting paid based on payer agreements, and why payments don’t meet expectations.

Using robotic process automation, we can help you understand why reimbursement falls short of expectations, be it from broken or slow workflows, documentation errors or noncompliance with different payer agreements. We help you understand which issues need action and how to prioritize based on risk.

When you combine the complexity and constant change of today’s regulations with the high volume of claims, revenue cycle and HIM teams need some relief. There’s a plethora of data that payers use to determine the acuity of care delivered – clinical, performance metrics, HCCs, quality indicators, present-on-admission indicators, and more. Accolite Digital applies its intelligent data review process and machine learning to make sense of this data.

The bottom line? We want to give you the insights into how your RCM is functioning and how to make it better for the future of value-based care. We want you to have the best tools in the industry to maximize reimbursement and offset reduced margins. We want to be your partner as you to make those important strategic shifts.


We specialize in increasing RCM yield – not just in revenue reimbursement, but in leveraging analytics and technology to prevent revenue cycle problems before they occur.

We give you the insight to optimize workflows, identify and eliminate errors and ensure accuracy on the front-end, making it easier and faster to get reimbursed.

AI and Machine Learning

Understand how coding was applied and correct errors from manual coding efforts

Robotic Process Automation

Intelligent computer coding shifts from manual to automated, more efficient process

Insights through Actionable Data

Finding needles in the haystacks of data, and understanding what to act on and when

RCM Process Redesign and Transformation

Structure a modern, transparent process with proactive flags for earlier review

Risk Calculation and Scoring

Applying relevant data insights to determine reimbursement and workflow gaps and risk

Data Modeling and Interoperability

Look across silos and beyond only billable items to incorporate all diagnosis work provided

Compliance and Payor Submissions

Automated review of payer agreements and reimbursement to find areas of improvement

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