The client is a leading consumer app company

Business Problem

Our client was facing the below issues

  • Unstable technology team of a recent strategic acquisition leading to delayed release to customers
  • Revenue losses due to lack of scalability of the legacy platform
  • Sub-optimal software delivery process leading to slow release to market cycle, resulting in potential revenue losses

The Solutions

  • Reverse engineered the legacy technology stack of the acquired company and took the technology ownership
  • Resolved complex performance issues of their platform and moved the architecture of the monolith application to a microservice based one.
  • Replaced key sub optimally performing pieces of the build process with faster alternatives

Value Delivered

  • The newly created fast and scalable application was able to scale to 100x more customers, increasing revenue by 30%
  • Fast and optimal software delivery process enabled our client to double their release velocity, serving fixes even faster to the end-customers, increasing apps popularity
  • Fast and stable release cadence of the new acquisition helped end-customer release rollouts with confidence, bringing in more revenue

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