End-to-end DevSecOps with a shift left approach

DevSecOps - development, security, and operations – is an approach to a culture that incorporates security as a shared responsibility across the IT lifecycle. With the rising security costs with testing performed as the productions stage and serious vulnerabilities left within applications, embracing this shift-left mentality enables organizations to bridge the gap between development and security teams. 

TheDevSecOps culture stems from the need to involve security right at the designing stage and align security tests and requirements for all components like Agile, Sprints, DevOps, Dynamic Code, SCA etc. With our end-to-end DevSecOps services, we can help you building a framework where security is one of the pillars of the development process from the very beginning.

Our Services

Transform your business with our holistic and advanced DevSecOps services to improve your processes and deliver safer applications with higher efficiency. We provide end-to-end support in:

Custom build framework for business unit specific

Dynamic application security testing

Automating infrastructure configuration and testing

Visualizing the growth or reduction in vulnerabilities

Predict, detect, and assess threats through threat modeling tools

The Benefits

With the natural integration of the security controls into your development, delivery and operational processes, the key benefits will include: 

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