The Telco was also looking for consolidation and migration of this legacy BSS platform including deployment architecture changes and migrations involving huge volumes of customer data.

Business Problem

Adhering to all the SLAs with respect to different matrices such as operational readiness and availability of system as well as new market offers are crucial to the Telco’s business in a market where mobile data was the only chargeable commodity as voice and SMS are mostly free and bundled along with data.

The client needed a partner with experience on not just deep BSS domain understanding but also the hands-on experience on large BSS System Operations, DevOps as well as transformation/migration experience.

The Solutions

We took over the nationwide operations of the BSS System, which was deployed in multiple instances, within 1.5 months of signing the contract. Our teams took over the technical operations nationwide in a gradual manner while ensuring there was no impact on the Telco’s business organization and processes that included system level operations as well as business operations. All the KPIs and SLAs related to operations were signed-off and met or exceeded. Necessary operations tools and reporting mechanisms were put in place for monitoring, tracking and validation of System and KPIs.

In parallel, our teams provided architectural consolidation and migration support of this legacy BSS System to the new BSS stack by:

Seamless Database Migration

Extracting, validating and mapping the Database in the required format for migration for prepaid and hybrid customers.

Enhanced Cataloging

Modification of product catalog.

Improved System Efficiency

System clean-up and making necessary changes in BSS System processes post migration.

Value Delivered

Meeting and exceeding all system and business KPIs without any impact to Telco’s business, operations or end subscribers.

Flawless system architecture consolidation as well as migration support from legacy stack to new BSS stack in a gradual manner.