We took over the complete support within two weeks of sign-off of contract and set- up the necessary tools and expertise in place, to increase the stability of the network round the clock with improved system KPIs.

Business Problem

The client has a Real-time Charging System for around 4M+ Subscribers which the OEM was unable to support.

  • Need for 24×7 support service and technical operations team to manage support tickets
  • No mechanism in place to perform the health checkups of the network elements

The Solutions

We adopted robust business and operational processes to set up necessary systems in place to raise tickets, resolve issues, monitor SLAs & KPI and notify resolution and took over the 24×7 support services and technical operations.

Rapid NOC Center

Setup Network Operation Centre (NOC) services within 2 weeks of the contract agreement.

Efficient Ticket Management

Built Incident Management system to manage and allocate support tickets.

Proactive System Monitoring

Leveraged our tools and processes to monitor alarms and track system logs and run operations.

Automated Health Checks

Automated the System Health Check-up procedures.

Enhanced Redundancy Architecture

Activated the Geo-redundancy set-up and improved the signaling redundancy architecture.

Value Delivered

Facilitated business growth while enabling low-cost business operations.

Increased stability of network round the clock with improved System KPIs.

Reduction in the overall resolution time (~30%) with most of the tickets solved at L1/L2 level.

Empowered with a blueprint for incident response across network, resulting in proactive fault identification.

Exceed agreed system SLAs and response time.

Provided consistency, continuity, performance and quality improvement across various network levers and care management services.