Business Problem

The client was struggling to reduce risk and accelerate compliance ensuring right access to sensitive system and data. The multinational giant was looking for a solution to solve issues pertaining to:

  • Cluttered identities across legacy applications
  • Lack of single source of truth in recognizing identity
  • Tedious and time-consuming authentication processes

The Solutions

Centralized Identity Management

Mapped and stored identity data in CA Identity console from downstream components.

Real-time Data Sync

Accolite’s solution helped real time in syncing of identity data using Kafka and golden gate to ensure data integrity.

Scalable Technology Stack

The technology infrastructure was built using Apache Kafka, Oracle Golden Gate, .Net Core, CA IDAM, Docker, Kubernetes, ELK.

Value Delivered

Created singular identity service spanning across applications such as external as well internal users.

Provided authorization and administration services to allow / deny access and managed access to client’s services.

Incorporated intelligent identity into their system consisting of analytics, single sign-on, multi factor authentication, cloud IDAM and context-based identity analytics.