Business Problem

The client’s security operation centre was struggling to provide safe and secure banking services to its customers and was facing critical issues of:

  • Threat visibility and log aggregation
  • Protection against ransomware, phishing, and social engineering
  • Expanding 50000 EPS to 12000 EPS (Events per second) pertaining to the bank’s growth

The Solutions

Improved Security Monitoring

Integrated SIEM tool into the existing architecture and set compliance as per the company policies.

Enhanced Data Visibility

Synchronized existing data and created visibility to the entire landscape in a single dashboard.

Scalable SOC Expansion

Expanded the horizon of the SOC to include all the new devices and branches that came because of the growth of the bank.

Robust Security Infrastructure

The technology infrastructure was built using RSA NETWITNESS, Bluefox, Nagios, Trend Micro and Smokescreen.

Value Delivered

Protected their systems against internal & external threats such as ransomware, malware and phishing attacks etc.

Provided user access rights to each user depending on the role as per the company policies.

The solution helped in identifying all types of threats and quarantine them by creating end to end visibility in a single dashboard.