The main aim was to augment its own services (e.g. SDWAN, IOT etc.) with offerings from partners. This includes front end shopping portal with back end system including partner onboarding and management, unified product catalogue and revenue management.

Business Problem

No single platform to provide a consolidated view of the offerings (including that of partners) for customers.

No systematic mechanism to onboard partners onto the platform.

The Solutions

As a trusted IT partner, we engaged with the client to offer our consulting and tech services in building the marketplace solution. Currently, we are in the design phase to define the enterprise architecture that will form the basis of the entire ecosystem. Through our industry knowledge and consulting expertise, we are helping the client in analyzing the various processes associated with customer and partner onboarding.

Comprehensive solutions

Platform will act as one stop solution for all the SoHo client needs.

Cost-Effective Agility

Provides cost control and operational agility to the client for servicing the customers with its products.

Standardized Onboarding Frameworks

Leveraged standardized frameworks from TmForum and provided industry best practices for charting the customer onboarding and shopping cart journey.

Value Delivered

Resulted in improved monetization of new services.

Ability to augment products with partner services.