Business Problem

Checkout pages were not consistent and were providing a disconnected view to the customer.

  • Pages of the website were not optimized to be searched on search engine.
  • Customers were experiencing performance issues related to web pages.

The Solutions

Leveraging our past experience of working with Telco clients, we helped the client in driving their digital transformation journey. We successfully enhanced the UI of the pages and made the pages crawlable to increase the brand visibility of the client across search engines. The solution led to:

Reimagined web design

Overhaul of the UX/UI of each website page with the new design to provide a more compelling user journey.

Greater brand awareness

More traction of website pages on search engines leading to increased brand visibility.

Eliminating unnecessary pages

Improvement of CX by removing the redundant pages from the checkout journey.

Increased Order Size

Average size of the order per customer increased significantly owing to greater visibility of products and offers in the customer buying journey.

Centralized Content Integration

Eased the task of content producers by integrating a central component with popular links which gets displayed across all the customer facing pages.

Value Delivered

Page performance of the website pages were improved by 60-70% across key KPIs.


Improvement in customer conversion rate

Website pages were crawlable across search engines.