The objective was to implement this fault management system to detect, isolate, and correct malfunctions in their telecommunications lines.

Business Problem

Over 250K broadband diagnostics tests occur per week with 50% showing no fault.

It took approximately a year to incorporate a change in diagnostic tool due to inflexibility of tools.

No service agility owing to the usage of old technology in fault management system.

The Solutions

We successfully implemented the fault management system for running the diagnostic test across the telecommunication lines. The solution adopted robust processes to define the workflows that can be customized by customer facing units to run diagnostic tests resulting in increased service agility.

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Enhanced Diagnostic Efficiency

The next-gen diagnostic tool delivers fault test outcomes & on feeds from the downstream API’s for a better and quick recommendations-based solution to end users.

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Improved User Experience

GUI of the platform was revamped.

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Agile Diagnostic Workflows

Workflows can be created to run the diagnostic test with increased service agility.

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Accurate Diagnostics

Knowledge Based Tool was introduced to improve the quality of diagnostics.

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Cloud-DevOps Compatibility

Systems developed were now Cloud and DevOps compliant.

Value Delivered


Reduction in tests with "no fault" outcome

~300 Per week

Reduction in repeat faults found by diagnostic tests

Minimizes the efforts of manually visiting the sites and running diagnostics on different circuits.